• Legal Advisory to Foreign Investors in the following areas: Real Estate contracts, Tax and Custom Law, Commercial and Corporate law, Civil law, Labor law, Registration of investments, Creation of new companies, titles and contract studies and contracts preparation. Legal advice and assistance for accessing the Free Trade Zones regime.

  • Advisory in immigration law: legal assistance in all immigration matters, including the legalization of the migratory status for foreigners wishing to establish their residence or business in the Republic of Colombia. We offer assistance to foreign companies established and doing business in Colombia that are in need of bringing executives or expert personnel to Colombia.

  • Integral Advisory and legal services for the incorporation of offshore companies (Panamanian corporations) in the Republic of Panama.

  • Legal Advisory in Labor Law (Labor Contracts and social security), civil law (Contracts) and Commercial Law (Contracts, societies and corporations)

  • Integral advisory for franchise contracts.

  • Litigation in Civil, Commercial and Labor Law.

  • Advisory in Intellectual Property Law: Registration of trademarks and patents.

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